Mom Juice: Rosé

Quantity of Bottles

Mom Juice Rosé Wine, made from California grapes, combines Grenache, Syrah, and Zinfandel in a delicate and semi-sweet glass. This beautifully pink wine smells like fresh strawberries, inviting you to a taste of summer all year long. 

Food pairings: Our delicate rosé wine can handle some serious seafood – lobster and salmon for starters. Also good with soft cheeses like brie and goat. 

12.5% Alcohol


Light Bodied

Smells like Strawberries

How We Do It

Low manipulation wines is an art of winemaking crafted just for you. There's enough to worry about - wine shouldn't be another thing on the list. 

Gluten Free

Gluten and Guilt-Free

Low Sugar

Moderate amounts of sugar due to high-quality grapes.


All of our wines are filtered with Tartic Acid over animal proteins.  

Approved by Moms

Wine made with Moms in mind


That glass of wine in the bathroom after the kids have been put to bed just hits different. It's kind of like a trophy, but in liquid form.