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Calendar Management and Meeting Support 

  • Configure or develop best practices for primary and sub-calendars. 
  • Manage meeting requests, find best scheduling options, holding times, and assist CEO with developing focus time and personal blocks as needed
  • Draft meeting agendas, set up Zoom meetings, and email agendas
  • Taking notes in meetings, noting action items in the Project Management system
  • Prepping Meeting agendas to be sent out for team meetings

E-mail Management

  • Task creation: flagging emails that require action, adding tasks and to-dos in the PM system, assigning roles, and setting due dates
  • Email triage: responding to meeting requests and non-essential emails on CEO’s behalf within 24-48 hours. Drafting canned email templates for FAQs or frequently sent emails to help with customer service and expediting requests on behalf o KT Winery

Travel Booking

  • Drafting internal travel booking documents with key information such as frequent flyers #s, preferred airlines, and seat selections
  • Researching flight, ground, and lodging options based n preferences and budget. 
  • Submitting the plan to the CFO for approval before purchasing and adjusting as needed
  • Creating flight itineraries with all related information
  • Checking in for flights and making calls as needed for flight adjustments or support
  • Managing related tasks such as drafting travel expense reports

Project Management System

  • Checking the status of the projects and providing an update to the CEO on weekly meetings

Customer Service Support

  • Ensuring customer orders have been fulfilled using Shopify and following-up with the appropriate solution via our distribution management system

Other Duties

  • Prepping Meeting agendas to be sent out to the team
  • Finding key contacts for the CEO to connect with for networking, business expansion, etc. upon request
  • Organizing the file structure within Google Drive

Systems we use

  • G-Suite: Docs, Sheets, E-mail, G Drive, etc.
  • Click Up: Project Management Tool
  • Slack: Team Communication Tool


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