Join us in Creating a New Wine Culture

Same energy

Kristin Taylor and Macie Mata are raising the bar and challenging traditional fundraising efforts with their company KT Winery.

As they move through their Seed funding round of $2 Million - they are looking for Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist to join them on the journey.

KT Winery's expansive growth is inevitable as the company fields offers from big box retailers, production for new-to-market products and media opportunities.



Meet our group of in it to win-it, not afraid to get our hands dirty, wonderful humans.

Our mission

creating a new wine culture

We are targeting the people who power digital. The wine drinkers who love branding, innovation and a hilarious joke.

KT Winery is more than a wine producer. Our desire is not just to create great wine. We are here to create a new community of wine drinkers: one that desires high quality products and experiences around wine.