How to store Screw Top wine

How to store Screw Top wine

Three quick rules of how to store your screw top wine bottles.
April 04, 2022 — Kristin Taylor
Pinot Grigio - Mom Juice - Pairing Guide

Pinot Grigio - Mom Juice - Pairing Guide

You Might Be a Pinot Grigio Mom If…

You’re busy. Like, real busy. Your life is consumed with work(in or out of the home), kids, being a part-time (and sometimes full-time) chauffer. Sound familiar? You finally get home, make sure the kids are clean, put them to bed, and crash on the couch. Then, you remember you have a bottle of Mom Juice. And the night instantly looks up. At the end of the day (or earlier, we’re not judging) you want something reliable. We got you.

You Deserve This

Pinot Grigio doesn’t mess around, and neither do you, mama. Pinot Grigio is a straightforward, dry, and crisp wine. It often has notes of citrus and can be extremely flavorful and aromatic. It’s not fussy, though. It goes well with an episode of the Bachelor, a night in with girlfriends, or accompanying you during a solo night at home (a girl can dream, right?).

Our Mom Juice

Our first varietal of Pinot Grigio is made from 2020 grapes from the Sonoma Carneros region in California. It comes in hot at 14.4% alcohol. With flavors of green apple and citrus it is sure to end your day on a refreshing note.  


Mom Juice Pairings

Pinot Grigio complements many different types of food. Below are a few pairings for Mom Juice that are both adult (and kid) friendly.

Potato: Your kids have asked for fries for the thousandth time. And this time, we’re all in. Mom Juice compliments saltier and richer foods like potato (think fries, baked potatoes, and yes, even potato chips) very well.

White Starches: Are you (and your kids) fans of quesadillas, or perhaps a good old fashioned PB&J sandwich? Done and done. You’ll take yours with a glass (or two) of Mom Juice.

Chicken: Fingers, tenders, nuggets…you get the idea. This is a favorite for almost every kid (and big kid) we know.

We designed our first varietal with you and your lifestyle in mind. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Show us how you enjoy your Mom Juice. Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

November 24, 2021 — Kristin Taylor

Meet Macie


Investing in wine wasn’t on my radar - like at all. I was a serial entrepreneur that loved being in the beauty and tech space. Shoot, real estate even became part of my portfolio. Outside of having a glass of wine at investor meetings; I wasn’t thinking about it.

I met Kristin socially and years later we caught back up to discuss KT Winery. The more we spoke; the more I realized how wine was something I really enjoyed and loved sharing a glass with my friends.

More so, I saw an opportunity to work in an industry where I could innovate, value sustainability, make social equitable opportunities for women and BIPOCs while producing a high-end product at a consumer affordable price.

I wanted to come into the company with the palette of a casual wine drinker. My hope is that my palette helps our wine stay relatable to well, you.

August 19, 2021 — Macie Mata
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About the Founder: Kristin Taylor


My name is Kristin Taylor. I am the Founder and CEO of KT Winery, fun hint: the brand name is my initials. I have a lot of nicknames but I most often respond to “Can I have some more wine?” or “Do you have more of the Pinot Grigio”.Originally, I am from Portsmouth, Virginia (near the beach), and like a true southern woman; I love to cook, entertain and I make a mean Mac N’ Cheese. 


Cooking intrigued me from a young age. My grandmother Rose and great-grandmother Mattie taught me how to cook at the age of 6. I was curious, always getting into something so eventually, they put me to work. I was a great sous chef but really bad on my own. Trust me, my family still laughs about it.


After growing up with the same 30 kids from Kindergarten to High School; College was a shock to me. My shy nature came out in full force. So I started cooking and baking (I got much better at it); cupcakes, prosciutto-wrapped chicken, and full 3-course meals. Needless to say; I made friends and was the reason for everyone’s Junior 25.


Once I turned 20; I got interested in wines and that became an easier entry point into conversations and friend-making. I’d love to say the rest is history but it’s still playing out.


Just like food, wine became second nature to me but the passion of building a life in wine was starting to be overwhelming. A few years later with a strong push from friends, family, and a few strangers; here I am. Leaping and welcoming you all into my home.


We’re going to have a lot of fun together. We’ll dance, laugh and enjoy great wines. It means more than you know that you’re here. Cheers!

August 19, 2021 — Kristin Taylor
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